Alfa romeo 156 modifiye. Alfa Romeo 156 GTA Buyer's Guide & History

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Alfa Romeo 156

Tuning the 156 for more bhp power and 156 performance increase.

Alfa Romeo 156 Tuning "Italian Flair at its best. The 156 is a superb Alfa with a loyal dedicated fan base. There are plenty of performance tuners out there if you know where to look. With the right mods you...


It was introduced at the as the replacement for the. The 156 received a positive reception and in the following year went on to win the 1998 award. The 156 was discontinued in Europe late in 2005, while the Q4 Crosswagon continued in production until the end of 2007. Cars were assembled alfa romeo 156 modifiye the factory inItaly and at a facility inThailand. Production in Thailand began in March 2002 and ran for only a couple of years. The cars produced there were targeted for the Asia-Pacific markets. Between...

While it is often overlooked when compared to its competitors, the 156 GTA provides oodles of fun from its 3. While Alfa Romeos do tend to have a bit of reputation for reliability issues, a well maintained GTA should provide many miles of motoring enjoyment. We are going to be looking at common issues that pop up on these cars, what maintenance is required and more. You might also like to read our — if you are looking at another great, modern classic Alfa Romeo. Following that we will get...

When you think of a company like Alfa Romeo, which boasts a century of creating legendary sports cars, the is probably not the first to cross your mind. It stands for Gran Turismo Alleggerita, or lightened grand tourer and was applied to a selected few Tipo 105 Giulia coupés during the 1960s and the 1970s. Alfa Romeo lived through its golden post-WW2 era rather gloriously. UnderAlfa Romeo was thoroughly transformed, and in 1992, the rear-wheel drive 75 was eventually discontinued in favor of the 155 sedan, marking the penultimate step...

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