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The Only Guide To Dental Burs You Need

Carbide Burs Cutting Tool Die Grinder Bits Made in the USA

Double End End Cutting only Carbide burs burrs are tools that are used for precision in cutting, grinding, and shaping the material with which they are being worked. Additionally, they are used for deburring, where burrs, excess materials, sharp edges,...


What are dental burs? Dental burs are an essential part of everyday general dentistry. The rotary instruments, designed for cutting hard tissues such as tooth enamel or bone, come in a range of shapes, sizes and grits with two or more sharp-edge blades and multiple cutting edges. Historically used in the preparation of tooth restoration as basic cutting devices, science and technology have driven the development of the ubiquitous bur to new heights, now encompassing an enormous range of options to deliver a variety of dental procedures. Rapidly robust and...


In a lab situation, there can be many different types of grit and dust that are created from different procedures. All that grit and dust can make it to the gears and motor, which recent CDC tests have shown, if burs protected. This will not only carry over to the next procedure, and possibly raise the issue of infection or degradation, but also ruin your handpiece in the process. This lowers the chance of cross contamination significantly, creating burs safer environment as well as extending the lifetime of burs handpiece...

Carbide Burs

Burs Quick Shop The world of burs can be overwhelming. With so many shapes, sizes, and burs qualities, and such a complex variety of possible tasks, it can be difficult to pinpoint essential items. Whether the task be stone-setting, wax-carving, drilling, deburring, filing, or engraving, Stuller has what you need to get the job done. VIEW ALL QUICK SHOPS Made in Germany. Panther® has earned a reputation for the highest standards in precision tool production in the world. Our burs and tools are manufactured on the most burs advanced computer...

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