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100 Latest Ankara Styles for Women (2022)

The First edition of cinema pink ankara festival was held in 2011 in Ankara. Starting from the 4th edition the festival takes place both in Ankara and Istanbul and from the 5th edition, it travels to Denizli, Mersin, Çanakkale, and İzmir. The 10th edition will be organized between 23 September - 03 October in Ankara and Istanbul. Although a film festival, Pink Life QueerFest is not only confined to the silver screen and tries to gather the most prominent examples of artworks from literature to music, video art, theatre, etc...

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Apart from the obvious connotation of coding gender, the color pink has a political association as well. Pink refers to left leaning ideology, not quite red, but in that direction. And, also, in England, the defence lawyer once used to have his cinema pink ankara tied with a pink ribbon, as opposed to a white one for his counterpart in the prosecution. The film is pink because it is about working women who are vulnerable to a patriarchal and feudal sentiment which says that women have no right to say...

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Senkronik (Synchronic)

Prestige Cinema, Ankara — Eskişehir Yolu 7. Km., telefono (0312) 219 93 93

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LGBT in Turkey: German gay film festival, other events banned

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